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Part 1

My next relic project will be this paisley Strat. It’s a MIM Fender Deluxe Players body. I’ve stripped the VERY thick finish to bare wood, glued a Paisley paper, put slight red burst at the edge, then shoot few coats of clear.  The next step is to shoot a solid color over the paisley pattern. Now, what color should I use? Black, maybe?

仕事以外の個人的なレリックプロジェクト、次はペイズリーのストラトに挑戦してみます。ボディはAsh材のMIM Fender Deluxe Players Stratocaster。紙を貼り付けてから軽く赤のバーストにしてクリアー吹いた状態が下のやつ。次は単色カラーで塗りつぶしてからエイジド加工をする予定です。色は何にしようかな? やっぱり黒か?


Part 2

Before making the body completely black, just for fun, I’ve shoot the black burst to see how it looks. Hmm.. I like it, it’s cool!


Part 3

For Sale – SOLD

Okay, it’s ready and for sale now. Please contact me if you are interested. I am only selling the body. Other parts in the pictures (neck, pickguard, bridge, jack,etc) are reference purpose only and they are not included. (however, i can assemble and setup the guitar if you like)
Sold. If you’d like me to make a body like this, please contact me.

ふう・・・ こんな感じでこのボディは完成とします。このボディに興味がある方はTCTギターパーツかYSWのこちらからご連絡下さい。


Main Menuレリック道 -The Way of RELIC
Yajima String Works


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