M16 Harrier(New Version)

*** Part 1

Recently I’ve released the M16 Harrier from my brand Yajima String Works but that guitar is too hard to make.  Seriously it is 20 times harder than making a Telecaster. 

Yajima String Worksからリリース済みのM16 Harrierって造るのがすごく大変なんです。

I was thinking and came up with a new body construction idea which should greatly reduce the building steps. So I tested the new design on the Axellsior Mark II.

このギターは冗談抜きでテレキャス造るより20倍くらい大変です。その厳しい状況を改善するために新しい構造のボディを考えてAxellsior Mark IIで試しました。こんなやつです。

It worked pretty good and sound is good. As I thought building this guitar is much easier than the M16. So I will update the M16 to reduce the crazy building steps and to lower the price. I need to make at least one prototype to make the templates.  This time I will put the Telecaster pickups as I got bored with two humbucker guitars already.



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