Yajima String Works Bass project 6

Finally assembled all parts into an object that can be called as a bass.



Don’t care the details for this prototype so I just used hardware found in my drawers.
(for example, the tuners supposed to be black and neck mount screws should be the same color, etc, etc.)

プロトタイプなので細かい所は気にしないです。ネジの色が統一されていないとかチューナーは黒だろっ! とか・・


I think the neck dive is not terrible, should be manageable.
The screws-only-no-gule construction seems strong enough but I need to play more to confirm.
Since the nitro lacquer is very thin and there are many sharp edges in the body, this one “relic” too fast but I think that’s a nice ‘feature’ as it makes the bass look cooler.

The leg rest and forearm wing’s edges were too sharp so it’s not comfortable to hold. I need to put more rounded radius to those edges.

ヘッド落ちはそんなに深刻では無いですね。まあ許せる範囲でしょう。それに調度肘がWing部のAR15 Harrierって書いてある部分に乗るから取り回ししやすいと思います。そー言えばあるアメリカ人から「AR15よりはM16とした方が嫌な思い出抱えてる人が少ないからいいかも」とコメントいただきました。えー・・アメリカってそんなにAR15が絡んだ犯罪多いの?? そーいやニューヨークってアサルト・ライフルだけは禁止なんだよなー・・




Original plan was to use the Hipshot Kickass bridge but, my bad, by mistake I cut the body too short so I had to find a smaller bridge. (another stupid mistake was, i made the neck pu cavity smaller than the bridge pu cavity) The red side walls are just for cosmetic purpose, nothing functional.

ブリッジ両サイドの赤いやつはTSUGUMI SILENTのと同じく単なる飾りで機能的な意味は無いです。昔見たある日本人画家(名前憶えてない)の個展で、その人の絵は全て黒っぽくて暗くて陰鬱な感じなのだけど必ずどこか一か所だけ赤が使ってあったんです。それがすごく印象的で・・・という訳で。


I put a standard 34″ neck for now but since I play classical music on bass, I will replace it with a short scale 24 fret neck.



An another cosmetic part.  A player can try different end part by simply paint it or print out a graphic image and attach it.




This bass is definitely for a player with Chuni Syndrome.

“Chuni Syndrome” Definition :
Doing something stupid like middle school boys do is called Chuni(8th grade) Syndrome in Japan.
(Also, in a good way : a person who still have the heart of a schoolboy.)

After this prototype, I now have some idea to improve the construction. I will make a guitar version next and implement the updates.

このプロトタイプを造って見て大体「こうあるべき」みたいな仕様が見えました。(まあこれ以前に似たような構造のTSUGUMI SILENTでさんざん試行錯誤してますから)なので、次はギターバージョンを造って変更箇所を検証して製品版の最終仕様を固めます。



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