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Tryout different parts and colors for your custom guitar projects.

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2024/01/21 Kisekae Mei-Chan released
2024/01/19 LesPaul Double Cut released
2023/10/01 Added some conversion pickup mount rings
2023/09/24 New Version 13.0 Released


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Stratocaster (Version 13.0) What’s New
Telecaster (Version 13.0) What’s New
Jazzmaster/Telemaster(Version 13.0) What’s New
Flying V (Version 13.0) What’s New
SG (Version 13.0) What’s New
Precision Bass (Version 13.1) What’s New
  Jazz Bass (Version 13.0) What’s New
  LesPaul (Version 13.0) What’s New
  ES335 (Version 13.0) What’s New
  Casino (Version 13.0) What’s New
LPDC (Version 13.0) What’s New
Extra — Kisekae Mei-Chan

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