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Tryout different parts and colors for your custom guitar projects.

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Kisekae for guitar builders and small makers;

You can use this system for your brand.

Type 1 : (NEW!) just use the existing Kisekae guitars with a ‘contact us’ button at the top of the screen

Type 2 : display only supported colors and parts for your guitar 

Checkout this page to see more details and working demos


Fender Stratocaster
(Version 11.0)
What’s New

Yajima String Works – Relic Strat (Version 10.9)

Fender Telecaster (Version 11.0)
What’s New

Fender Jazzmaster(Version 10.4)
What’s New

Gibson Flying V (Version 10.3)
What’s New

Gibson SG (Version 11.0)
What’s New

Fender Precision Bass (Version 11.0)
What’s New

Fender Jazz Bass (Version 11.0)
What’s New

Yajima String Works – M16G HARRIER (Version 10.6)

Yajima String Works – F13 TSUGUMI SILENT (Version 10.6)

Yajima String Works – M32J WARBIRD (Version 10.6)

Gibson LesPaul (Version 10.7)
What’s New

Gibson ES335 (Version 10.7)
What’s New

Epiphone Casino (Version 11.0)
What’s New

Version 9 and older works on PC and Mac ONLY and it requires FLASH plugin

Since Flash no longer works, I have removed these older versions. I know I know, I’ll have to convert them to HTML5


  1. Ryan says:

    I would really like it if the JEM returned, I’ve been having many ideas on making custom JEM’s but my imagination is kinda shady so it would be really helpful to have an image modeller that could model a JEM.

  2. MustangLover9900 says:

    Please do Mustang, thank you!!

  3. foxmilder says:

    Reporting again: the Precision Bass preview image/link is invisible to me, regardless of which browser I use to open the web page. Every other guitar & bass works perfectly.

    I am in Australia, if that’s of any diagnostic use.

    I have a P-bass I want to make some modifications to, so having it available here would be a big help for me personally.

    When you are able to fix it, I will make you a little donation for your troubles.

  4. ExtraTank says:

    Can you add the Gibson Explorer or the ESP Snakebyte or both?

  5. William says:

    I don’t know what the issue is but for some reason when I load the site everything loads in just fine except for the Precision bass modeler. Like it won’t let me open it up and use it.

  6. Hello! First, I just donated a “Big Mac Meal” (and covered the fees) to you because of how amazing this site is. Thank you!

    Second, there’s a few guitars I long to see on here:

    1.) Fender/Squier Mustang (Bullet, Classic Vibe, Player, Vintera, American Spc, etc. The Squier Bullet Mustang is one of the most fun and affordable guitars to mod. It’d be great to see that guitar model represented here.

    2.) Explorer: Yes, the good ol’ Gibby. It’d also be nice to see that one represented here. I’ve ‘had fun’ trying to do it on my own in Photoshop. But alas, that sucks. KISEKAE, which I believe is the best build out simulator tool out there, would be a huge help.

    3.) Everyone else reading: It’d be great to have a subreddit started for this KISEKAE service should that not already exist. Custom graphics could be shared in there for direct link referencing, etc. Tips, tricks, and other community support would also be cool.

    Thanks again for all this site is! To everyone else: STOP FREELOADING AND COMPENSATE THIS SITE A “BIG MAC MEAL” FOR SAVING YOU SO MUCH TIME!!!

  7. Alex Jones says:

    Thank you for this website. Is there any chance we will see BC Rich models on here?

  8. Aron says:

    Hi, I just wanna thank you for making this tool, nice job I really enjoy using it.

  9. Vittorio says:

    Please can you do a PRS custom 24-08?

    • Katsumi Katsumi says:

      Sorry, I can’t tell you the reason but making a PRS guitar is not possible.

      • adam says:

        Hi Katsumi, I hope you doing well right now 🙂 just wanted to say that it would be nice if you could add the Snakehead headstock shape on the Telecaster modeler, thank you so much, greetings!

  10. Script says:

    Could you add an evertune bridge? Thanks in advance!

  11. Claire says:

    Hello, Katsumi! I was hoping to see if you could use Epiphone parts, models, and logos for Gibson builders? Similarly, some Squier logos for Fender Models?

  12. Josh says:


    how do I actually use this? I see a link to the demos, but that only includes the telecaster. Where can I find the link for the actual modeler? Thanks.

    • Katsumi Katsumi says:

      Huh? THIS is the main page.
      Can’t you see the other guitars? I don’t think I made a demo version of Tele model. Are you in France? Two people in France reported me they don’t see Precision Bass. Maybe French government thinks the precision bass is not good for their people.

      • foxmilder says:

        Hello Katsumi,

        I am in Australia, and the Precision Bass image/link is invisible for me too. All other guitars and basses work correctly, but I can’t access the Precision Bass page.

        Unfortunately, I can’t include a screenshot in my comment. If you like, you can send an email to my email address, and I will reply with a screenshot showing you how the page appears to me.

        Thanks for making and maintaining this invaluable tool!

  13. Joe Pro says:

    Could you please add a reverse P-Bass pickup option for the P and Jazz basses?

  14. marcus says:

    Hi! I’d appreciate if you add any Ibanez models or just more pickup variations if ever. Love your work and I’ve built multiple concepts already! If I ever manage to connect my E-wallet to my paypal account, I might just be able to buy you any of those burgers. :))

    I also recommended the site to my friends, they love how easy it is to make their own guitar builds too.

  15. Aaron says:

    Can You Also Add Ashtray Bridge Cover On Telecaster And On Stratocaster Vibrato THX .

  16. Aaron says:

    Can You Add Jazz And Precision Bass Vintage Pickup Covers THX .

  17. Joe Prohaska says:

    Could you please add a Cabronita style pickguard to the Tele builder? Also, awesome job!

  18. Franco says:

    Thanks man for this! We musicians apreciate you ❤

  19. David says:

    Hi, can you please add the Gibson Explorer and ESP Snakebyte

    • Bram Engelen says:

      I second the request for a Gibson-style Explorer, would really love to play around with my ideas for a signature model.

      Note to the creator: you seriously rock for making this available to musicians man, highly appreciated!

  20. Guirelli says:

    Katsumi, can you put a whammy bar on the classic bridge for the Fender guitars?
    Put the Fender logo on the Jazzmaster too!

    Don’t forget about the Firebird.

  21. Aaron says:

    Can You Now Give Me Vibrotone On Casino PLS.

  22. Guirelli says:

    Gibson Firebird????

  23. dirtyphilbert says:

    Lmao aaron needs to chill, let katsumi breathe!! no need for a million tiny and obscure requests..

    anyhow all I ask is gibson white button tuners for sg and les paul 🙂

  24. Aaron says:

    Katsumi, Please Add A Rickenbacker Model 4003FL THX.

  25. Aaron says:

    Vibrotone Vibroto On Casino PLS.

  26. Aaron says:

    Vibrotone Vibrola On Casino PLS.

  27. Aaron says:

    Katsumi, Could You Please Add A Tremotone Vibrato Tremolo Tailpiece On Casino THX .

  28. Guirelli says:

    Congratulations for the amazing work!
    I just love this website and I’ve built hundreds of guitars!

    Please make a Gibson Firebird!!!!

  29. Aaron says:

    Epiphone Tremotone Vibrato Tremolo Tailpiece On Casino PLS .

  30. Aaron says:

    Could You Also Give Us A Epiphone Tremotone Vibrato Tremolo Tailpiece On Casino Attached THX

  31. Aaron says:
  32. Aaron says:

    Could You Also Give Us A Epiphone Tremotone Vibrato Tremolo Tailpiece On Casino Attached THX .

  33. Karl says:

    Ahem – am I blind?
    Where is the builder?

  34. brownfluid says:

    Good day Katsumi, could we possibly have a mustang added please?

  35. spritE_1 says:

    Hey Kat,

    Could you please add a double cut Les Paul Junior?

    Thank you so much for the site, its helped us a lot!

  36. Aaron says:

    Katsumi, Could You Please Attach Bigsby Like A Tailpiece On Casino And ES335

  37. Aaron says:

    Thank You So Much

  38. Aaron says:

    Katsumi, Could You Please Add An Epiphone Casino

  39. Aaron says:

    Add A Epiphone Casino Pls

  40. Script says:

    Add a Gibson Firebird pls

  41. spritE_1 says:

    Could we get some bound F holes and diamond F holes for all the guitars, please?

    I am loving this site! Thank you!

  42. Aaron says:

    Please Add A Bigsby Vibrato Tailpiece On ES335 It Should Be Attached Like Trapeze Tailpiece THX

  43. Aaron says:

    Katsumi, Please Add A Fender Bass VI

  44. Aaron says:

    Katsumi Please Add A Epiphone Casino Vintage Sunburst Color Option On ES335

  45. Aaron says:

    Katsumi Please Add Epiphone Logos Options On ES335 Pickguard And Headstock

  46. Aaron says:

    Katsumi Please Add A Acrylic Split Parallelogram Inlays On ES335

  47. Aaron says:

    Please Add A Frequensator Tailpiece On ES335

  48. Aaron says:

    Katsumi Please Make A Gretsch Country Gentleman

  49. spritE_1 says:

    Could we please get some trapeze tailpieces for the ES335?

    Thank you for this amazing site!

  50. Thrillho says:

    Such a great site, thank you.

    It would be awesome if you could add a Precision Bass please.

  51. Dr. Bussy says:

    Fender mustang! also relic options would be amazing! I am so thankful for your site 🙂

  52. Joe says:

    Please add Mustang and Jag Stang. Also, Jaguar bass

  53. birth says:

    Add les paul special pickguard wouold be nice! Also add jr bridges to use on other models as well!

  54. Joe Pro says:

    Please add racing stripes for ES-335, and Diamond holes for ES-335, and Explorer

  55. Aaron says:

    tailpiece on es335

  56. Aaron says:

    Please Add A Epiphone Casino Tailpiece

  57. spritE_1 says:

    Please add a Les Paul Junior and Special with the proper tail pieces and pick guards and the ability to pick custom pictures onto the guitars we create!

    Thanks for making a great site!

  58. Aaron says:

    Please Add A Rickenbacker Model 330

  59. script says:

    Please Add A Rickenbacker 4003
    This is an awesome program

  60. Aaron says:

    Katsumi, Please Make A Grestch Country Gentleman.

  61. Dave says:

    Please add these guitars:

    1. ESP Eclipse (with option to add iron cross)
    2. ESP Snakebte
    3. Gibson Explorer
    4. ESP Vulture
    5. Jackson Randy Rhoads
    6. Jackson King V
    7. Jackson Kelly

    And Please add these features:

    1. More tuner options for the Flying V
    2. 1958 Flying V Pickguard
    3. Epiphone headstock for Les Paul and SG
    4. Epiphone and Squier logos

    I know this is a lot, but I really like this website and use it every day. I understand that you are human and this will probably take a long time. For now, I will just enjoy what this wonderful website has to offer. Thanks and great job.

    • Dave says:

      Sorry I forgot to ask for these features:

      1. Aging (such as chipping paint and finish checking)
      2. Large 1958 Flying V headstock and logo.
      3. Flag inlays (used on ESP guitars)
      4. Shark fin inlays (used on Jackson guitars)
      5. Mini toggle switch
      6. 1958 String thru Flying V bridge

      I will reply with any more ideas that I have

  62. Aaron says:

    Katsumi, Please make a Epiphone Casino

  63. John says:

    Add Jackson models plz (King V, Rhoads, Soloist, Dinky, Warrior etc)

  64. A says:

    Please add fender mustang.

  65. riccardp says:

    please add Les Paul

  66. Rob says:

    Hi, great site, I’ve used it for years. I miss the old style flash but the new one is fine.
    Can you please include Thinline pickguards on the Tele?

  67. Shijima says:

    Thanks for doing the Tele one 🙂 much appriciated.

    Jackson Rhoads next?

  68. Iris says:

    Please convert the Gibsons plz!!!!!!

  69. mrz80 says:

    Feature request: non-Fender headstock shapes on the Tele model – Gibson, Martin, etc. I’m a big proponent of 3×3 headstocks on all my guitars. 😀

    Feature request: Make it possible to delete the pickguard on the Tele.


  70. Iris says:

    Please add the bridge covers for the Jazz Bass and Precision Bass Katsumi. Pleaseeeeeee!

  71. Fu says:

    Please add individual jazz bass knob and Fender logo to JB 10.4!

  72. IPunchTigers says:

    Would it be possible for you to add the Charvel logo to the Strat section? That’d be super cool.

  73. Leonard says:

    I miss the Jackson builders 🙁

  74. Iris says:

    Katsumi, can you add the Fender logo for the Jazzmaster, Telecaster, P Bass and J Bass? Please?



  75. Alan Canzian says:

    I’m not able to figure out where to start the modeler.
    Is it still working?
    There’s no link to open up the working space

  76. Iris says:

    Hey Katsumi,

    Can you add the Fender Jaguar control plates and its switch plates to the Jazzmaster please? I know this is stupid but I will appreciate it if you do it!

    Best Regards,

    Iris (you might have seen my post about the 51′ Fender pickguard before.)

  77. Iris says:

    Katsumi, i’m sorry if this is a stupid question but where is the 51′ Tele pickguard?!?! I can’t see it!

    Please bring it back! I will be very grateful if you do it!

    Best Regards,


    • Katsumi Katsumi says:

      in the P bass ?
      click the ‘Switch Part’ button –> ‘Pickguard’ –> ‘PG Shape/Color’
      then click the white triangle icons at the bottom right to scroll the pickguard choice

  78. Túlio Guirelli says:

    Katsumi, please make a Les Paul.

  79. Vince says:

    Thanks Katsumi, for the Custom Telecaster pickguards.

  80. anonymous says:

    Hello! Well done! This website is great and very useful, but can you put guitars here?

  81. Túlio Guirelli says:

    Where are the logo for the tele, jazzmaster and basses?

  82. Vince says:

    Thanks a lot for the Telecaster convertion.

    I don’t find the 70s pickguard.

    It is

  83. Catraca says:


  84. IPunchTigers says:

    Could you add neck binding to the Strat?

  85. Shijima says:

    Tele please! 🙂
    Got a partscaster in the post and wanna get a rough idea of what it looks like.


  86. Paolo says:


    I tried the SG and the Strat editors and they’re really cool! Bravo for this interesting and cool website.

    I would like to ask if it’s possible to build a Les Paul editor. It’s the only one which is not present here.

    Thank you! 🙂

  87. tran says:

    please do something for mustang!!

  88. Rick says:

    I added some knobs, but cannot figure out how to remove them. Is there a “delete” command? Or one to remove excess buttons?

  89. Bern says:

    Please convert.

  90. Romer says:

    Can someone tell me how I can start the virtual builder? I am not seeing it…. Do I need to use a specific browser that still uses flash player?

    • Bern says:

      Click on the picture, it will come up with a drawing of a girl. Click “Start Kisekae VIM”, or something verbatim of that.

  91. Paul says:

    convert tele pleaase

  92. Catraca says:


  93. Lucas says:

    Please, convert the Jazz Bass to HTML5. Thaks so much!

  94. anon4 says:

    Has flash being taken down affected this? I can’t find anywhere to actually customise a guitar or a link for a program download?? Or am I being oblivious?

  95. Gareth James says:

    Would be great to see a Jazzbird (Firebird body, Jazzmaster neck) with a Bigsby & P90 option.

  96. Harvey says:

    Would love a PRS Custom 24 thank you.

  97. Braedyn Lowder says:

    Please add a Gibson Explorer Thank you.

  98. Jose says:

    make a rickenbacker bass and guitar please

  99. asmodeo says:

    Jackson Kelly please

  100. Augostino says:

    How about a version 10.3 for Jazz Bass

  101. Benji R says:

    Could you make a Bigbsy B7 available on the Les Paul? Thank you!!

  102. seb says:

    please do a Gibson explorer version, thank you very much !!

  103. Thomas says:


    I love the 335 builder you made but I can’t remove the headstock paint, inlay and add the single knob exactly at the same position like the Tom Delonge ES-333 model. Will love to see an update to it.

    Thank you 😀

  104. I am really loving the theme/design of your site. Do you ever run into
    any internet browser compatibility issues? A number of my blog audience have complained about my blog
    not working correctly in Explorer but looks great in Firefox.
    Do you have any ideas to help fix this problem?

  105. Stevie says:

    Would love to see a jazzmaster editor. It’d also be cool to see jazzmaster parts like the pick ups and rhythm circuit on other guitars

  106. jimbo says:

    please add the option for small sliding switches and roller knobs like on a jazzmaster or mustang!!

    also the option to individually rotate knobs, switches, and other parts please!!

    this is a great program

  107. fox says:

    what about the old version 8 SG builder? 🙁

  108. Giorgio says:

    Please do a MusicMan Stingray 4 string Bass. Thank YOu

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