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KISEKAE VIM Pro – Custom Guitar Order System

for guitar makers/builders

Works on PC, Mac, Tablet, and mobile devices

What is KISEKAE VIM Pro?

*** DEMO System ***

KISEKAE VIM – Virtual Guitars
You can tryout different parts and colors for your custom guitar projects.
for PC and Mac ONLY.   requires FLASH plugin


KISEKAE Materials

Fender Stratocaster (Version 9)

What’s New

Fender Telecaster (Version 9)

What’s New

Fender Precision Bass (Version 9)

What’s New

Fender Jazz Bass (Version 9)

What’s New

Gibson ES335 (Version 9)

What’s New

Gibson LesPaul (Version 9)

What’s New

Older versions

Known issue with these older system :
Doesn’t work with some browsers

Fender Telecaster (Kisekae Version 8)

Fender Strat (Kisekae Version 8)

Gibson Les Paul (Kisekae Version 8)

Gibson SG (Kisekae Version 8)

Bailey Guitars B1(Kisekae Version 7)

Ibanez JEM (Kisekae Version 6.5)

Ibanez RG (Kisekae Version 6.5)

Jackson Soloist (Kisekae Version 6.5)

Jackson RR (Kisekae Version 6.5)

USACG S (Kisekae Version 6.5)

USACG T (Kisekae Version 6.5)

USACG Wolfpack (Kisekae Version 6.4)


  1. Giorgio says:

    Please do a MusicMan Stingray 4 string Bass. Thank YOu

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